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Incorporating 3 days of one hour resistance training into your life along with learning small nutrition swaps will result in big physical and mental changes

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At Toned Life we offer a unique approach to health that places importance on both working out and nutrition. Workouts are meant to physically prepare us movement through out the day and nutrition is the fuel. Placing both effective workouts and proper nutrition together you are setup to succeed in your health for a lifetime. We will give you the tools maintain a healthy lifestyle that will improve your quality of life for as long as you want.
Simply put, Put Good In Get Good Out.

About Us

We are young, energetic, certified professional trainers who love fitness. Our passion stems from years of athletic involvement and experience in the fitness world. We have worked in the fitness industry, acquired countless hours of gym time and have extensive education to broaden our knowledge in the ever-changing industry. We strive to remain cutting edge, and we are always evolving to make achievement of results more effective. We have the drive, commitment and time to help our clients meet each and every goal. Fitness is what we do and we are looking to help you.

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Jump-starting a workout program at Toned Life LLC is easy. All you need to do is:

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During your initial consultation, we will discuss your goals, nutrition, and conduct a fitness assessment. With this information Toned Life LLC will develop a plan that is conducive to your needs and goals!

Over the course of your time here you will learn that making minor changes can majorly impact your daily life . Let's get you started right away!

Toned Life LLC

Toned Life LLC
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One on One Packages

Here are some of the packages we offer, but we can create custom packages if these don't meet your needs!


  • Single Session$85 per hour
  • 4 Pack$324 ($81 per session)
  • 8 Pack$616 ($77 per session)
  • 12 Pack$876 ($73 per session)

Half Hour Rate

$50 per half hour session

Group Packages

Here are some of the packages we offer, but we can create custom packages if these don't meet your needs!


  • Single Session$55 per hour
  • 4 Pack$424 (split $112)
  • 8 Pack$816 (split $408)
  • 12 Pack$1,176 (split $588)

Half Hour Rate

$30 per half hour session (per person)

First Time Buyers

Here are some of the packages we offer, but we can create custom packages if these don't meet your needs!

One on One

  • 4 Pack$324
    + 1 FREE session (5 total)

  • 8 Pack$616
    + 2 FREE session (10 total)

  • 12 Pack$876
    + 3 FREE session (15 total)

Partner Training

  • 4 Pack$424
    + 1 FREE session (5 total)

  • 8 Pack$816
    + 2 FREE session (10 total)

  • 12 Pack$1,176
    + 3 FREE session (15 total)


  • Can I workout on my own at Toned Life LLC?
    This is actually not a gym where members can come and go. We focus on personal training where you will make the most of your time with a professional certified trainer that will coach you and assist you toward your goals.

If you didn't see you question here, email or call us and we will be happy to help you!

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Meet Tony

Healthy Living

With this being said, we will not only be your trainers but we will also be your nutritional coaches. This can range from in studio discussions and consultations all the way to me cooking in your home and helping you get rid of certain foods in your pantry.

  • Nutrition Focus: A one hour nutrition session will be a time where you and your trainer can sit down and really take a look at your nutrition. It is a time to discuss areas of strength in your nutrition and areas that need improvement. I do find this to be very important and I stress at least one nutrition session every couple months to reevaluate what is working and what is not. I always say, "you can't out-train a bad diet.." and I'm here to help.

Working Out

At Toned Life we offer results driven training sessions that make the most of your time. We recommend no less than 2 times a week and we actually encourage more to maximize your results. We believe in efficient and effective training where you will experience a great workout customized to your needs within an hour or less. These workouts will vary based on goals, skill level, and/or physical limitations. During each session we take pride in providing our clients with personal attention in a safe, hard working and friendly environment.

  • One on One: One on One training sessions, led by your trainer, are going to be the most personal approach to fitness at Toned Life LLC. This style will provide the most one on one attention for someone that likes to get a good solo workout in!
  • Partner Training: Partner Training, led by your trainer, is available for those who like to work hard with one other person. Maybe you find working out with a close friend or family member motivating, fun or cost effective. This is a great training option that will still produce a great workout. Grab a friend and try it out!
  • Small Group: Small Group training, led by your trainer, is for people who find strength in groups of 3-5 people. This setting will encourage high energy and a great workout with a small group of your friends or family members. Get a small group together and I'll put together a challenging program for all of you!